There is something special about motorcycles...

BMW R25/3

My first, only, and dearest machine, is a BMW R25/3 from 1954, that has been in the possession of the Witt family since roughly 56. I have all the paperwork since then and should check the dates but for now I trust my memory. It was given to me by my mothers father whom among his two sons and one of my aunts, drove it. It has nostalgic value as it materializes the legacy of my grandfather. The actual work on this BMW is slow for various reasons the first being I'm in a dilemma; I would love to have Opa's customizations, keep it old school, yet have a machine where spare parts are accessible. The electrical parts are all six volts as was common back then however, now twelve volts is common. This is no problem as there are so many BMW's, and fans of these, that there are original spare parts, new high quality copies, and even modern replacements that respects the old style and philosophies.

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