Software Engineering

I've been studing software engineering at the Technical University of Denmark(DTU), but have put the formal education on the back burner.

Formal software engineering education

While studing Software Engineering(SE) at DTU I loved these courses that I think stand out:

02157Functional ProgrammingFunktionsprogrammering
02158Concurrent ProgrammingParallelprogrammering
02159Operating SystemsOperativsystemer
02170Database SystemsDatabasesystemer
02131Embedded SystemsIndlejrede systemer
02110Algorithms and Data StructuresAlgoritmer og datastrukturer
02161Software EngineeringSoftware Engineering
02403Introduction to StatisticsIntroduktion til statistik
02141Computer Science ModellingDatalogisk modellering
02601Introduction to Numerical AlgorithmsIntroduktion til numeriske algoritmer
01017Discrete MathemathicsDiskret matematik


I have been a teaching assistant in these courses:

IDEnglish titleDanish title
02159Operating SystemsOperativsystemer
02115Java ProgrammingJava-programmering
02335Web-technology & DatakommunicationNetteknologi A


In the endless mission of being ever more effecient and productive, these are some technologies I use:

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